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As Though Burke Saw It Coming

.::. 2-3-2011 .::. written for British Literature II .::. Abigail Morris .::.

+ As Though Burke Saw It Coming

          Richard Price offered praise for the “glorious” revolution of the French. While there are chunks missing from the selection, I feel that it was his misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the civil strife that France was suffering that brought about the angry retaliation of Edmund Burke. It was less than a month after the monarchy had been overthrown when Price wrote his address, but when Burke began working on his response, more than two months of the French drama had been played out and Burke had a deeper understanding of the facts of the revolution. There was no glory of which to speak. Burke had received a full account of the storming of Versailles by the mob of fishmonger wives bent on the utter destruction of Continue reading